A/336:2017, Content Recovery in Redistribution Scenarios

Approved 24 February 2017.

This document specifies methods by which receivers may recover content that is available from a broadcaster, but not delivered directly to the receiver through the RF broadcast signal. This method may be useful in the use case when the receiver is connected to a set-top box via an HDMI cable and is only receiving uncompressed A/V content and not the full signaling tables or alternate content choices offered by the broadcaster. The methods described in this document require an automatic content recognition (ACR) mechanism. The ACR mechanism is either the video and audio watermarks specified for use within ATSC 3.0 broadcast emissions or a fingerprint mechanism described in this document.

This document describes the method for a receiver to recover content via a broadband interface once it has acquired an ATSC 3.0 watermark payload or has identified content using fingerprints. It also specifies the format of certain files that may be returned in response to such a content recovery request.


A/336 establishes entity_string() and Server Code namespaces for use by broadcasters who want to incorporate ATSC-specified video and audio watermarks into their services. Use of A/336 requires registration of values within those namespaces prior to their use. The following organization is authorized to issue entity_string() and Server Code registrations: Verance. (Note to readers: this web link is currently in the middle of a transition and will not be able to post information regarding A/336 registrations until April 1 2017.)

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